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I have always been passionate about knowing how Nature works at its tiniest scales. Obtaining my diploma in the NODET school of Neyshabour, I followed may passion in Sharif University of Technology as a physics student. Growing in the field, I realized that I am not satisfied with calculations on the paper although they can be mind-blowing. What I wanted was to SEE how Nature works in practice and there was the clear answer: go and experiment!

I was one of the lucky students who did their PhD at CERN with the support of IPM. I was offered me a possibility that led to a dual PhD degree with SUT and Vrije Universiteit Brussel. My PhD thesis was awarded the Ali-Mohammadi prize in 2012.

Work-wise, I spent more than a year of postdoc in IPM, three years in UCLouvain with my grant of FNRS Chargee de Recherche, and two years as CERN fellow. I was awarded the Helmhltz Young Investigator Group grant of 1.8M Euro which gave me the possibility to build up my own team of PhD students and postdocs, and to pursue my ideas. In addition, working always with the CMS experiment at CERN, I lead international groups of researchers at different levels. See more in my CV here.

Research wise, I am very much interested in the heavy sector of the standard model, the top quark and the Higgs boson. Besides, any rare process of the standard model is appealing to me as they can give a hint to new physics models, and are the playground for EFT interpretations.

Last but not least, I feel a big responsibility to give proper information about our field to the interested non-expert people, so they are not tricked by pseudo-science or conspiracy theories. Also in my view, communicating in a comprehensive way our scientific results to bodies who financially support fundamental sciences is crucial to help advancing the field. I have recently been appointed a Physics Communication officer in CMS, aiming at these goals. Have a look at the CMS briefing page here. I would be more than happy to know what you think smiley

And, contact me if you are a science enthusiast especially in my field of expertise ...

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

Biography | Dr.Abideh Jafari


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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی